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Rising Sun

by RainSong

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Day Break 02:12
ON EAGLES WINGS Terry M. Wildman Exodus 19:4, Isaiah 40:31 I feel the wind—under my wings The breath of God—as I worship and sing I stretch out my arm—and turn toward your face The rushing wind—of your mercy and grace On the wings of an eagle high Reaching to touch the sky Rising to worship you my Lord—my God On eagle’s wings My spirit’s rising—as I wait on you Lord Renewed in vision—my strength is restored Soaring the heavens—as I worship and pray Carry me higher—on the wings of your Name Hi Yo Hey—Hi Yo Hey—Hi Yo Hey Hi Yo Hey Yahweh (4x)
Rising Sun 04:12
RISING SUN Terry and Darlene Wildman Yahweh… Hey Yah Hey Yah, Yahweh… Hey Yah Hey Yah The Sun of Righteousness is rising Coming with healing in His wings Rising to shine His face upon us Here to set the captives free Arise and shine...our light has come The path of peace is before us now We will welcome the Rising Sun Sent from heaven the Sacred One Bright and Morning Star—light of the world Jesus, you are Jesus—Jesus, you are Jesus Yahweh—Hey Yah Hey Yah—Yahweh—Hey Yah Hey Yah The glory of the LORD is dawning Bringing the light of the new day To shine on those who live in darkness And in the shadow of death © 2003 Terry M. Wildman
Rain Dance 04:40
RAIN DANCE Terry M. Wildman 2 Sam 6:14, Isaiah 55:10-11, Psalm 63:1, Psalm 149:3 Father, hear our prayer—Father, see our prayer We dance for the rain—we dance for the rain We dance for the rain—we dance for the rain Your word is like the rain that falls—from above Watering the earth below—giving life As we move our feet to the pounding drum We move our hearts to the Ancient One We dance for the rain—we dance for the rain We dance for the rain—we dance for the rain From this dry and weary land Where there is no rain From our parched and thirsty souls Where there is no water Yah Yah Yahweh Yah—Way Yo Hey Nay Yah Eh Yah Eh Yah—Eh Yah Eh Yah Way Yo Hey Nay Yah © 2004
LOVE WITHOUT END Terry M. Wildman In the quiet of this moment My thoughts run to you The memory of your touch Washes over me I’m reminded of your goodness Of your mercy and your grace The kindness of your love I want to embrace I long for your presence To worship you again To know my Father’s mercy A love without end Love without end Father forgive me, cleanse me from my sin Renew me with your presence, deep within Let the blood of Jesus, wash my guilt away Lead me to your mercy to stay I stand in your presence To worship you again I know my Father’s mercy A love without end Love without end © 2004
NO ONE LIKE YOU Terry M. Wildman 2 Samuel 7:22, Psalm 18:7-15 On the wings of the morning—I lift my prayer to you In the light of the sunrise—my heart cries out to you Father hear my cry—from the ends of the earth There’s no one like you—there’s no one like you You ride upon the clouds—on the wings of the wind Your voice is like the sound—of many waters You thunder in the storm—there’s no one like you Yahweh—Father above Jesus—only Son of God Holy Spirit—Weh Yo Hey—Hey Yahweh You are high and lifted up—the Ancient of Days You walk in the midst—of the stones of fire Your face is like the sun—there’s no one like you © 2004
TRAIL OF TEARS Terry M. Wildman Yah Ha Weh Yah Hey Hey Yah Hey Yah Yah Ha Weh Yah Hey Hey Yahweh Hey Laughed at and scorned A crown of thorns They drove you through the streets You carried the cross For the sake of the lost You walked a trail of tears Nailed to the cross alone and forsaken Betrayed in heartache and strife Your blood was flowing With each heartbeat showing The true meaning of life Take me to the cross, of Jesus Wash me in the blood, Of the Lamb of God Take me to the cross To a trail of tears As each wound was bleeding your life was receding The Lamb of God must die As a sheep to the slaughter Your life was offered, the perfect sacrifice Wounded and broken your pain was unspoken As tears filled your eyes “Father forgive them They don’t know what they’re doing” Your love was undisguised © 2004
Life Giver 04:09
LIFE GIVE Terry and Darlene Wildman Jesus - Hey Yahweh Hey Yah Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah You gave us the sun for warmth and for light Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah The moon and the stars to guide us at night Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah You gave us the rain, the wind, and the sky Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah The earth and the sea abundant supply Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah You gave us your Son to show us the way Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah He died on the cross and rose the third day Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah Your people we have for friendship and love Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah Uniting our hearts with help from above Hey Yahweh Hey Yah, Hey Yahweh Hey Yah
SEASON OF THE WIND Terry M. Wildman Psalm 135:7, John 3:8, Acts 3:19-20 Leaves rustling in the breeze Branches swaying in the trees A feather swirls up from the ground Sounds of stirring all around It’s the season of the wind Times of refreshing to begin Signs of changes in the air The Spirit’s moving everywhere Distant thunder rolling in Rain clouds forming in the wind Eagles gather in the sky Soaring higher as they fly The Spirit’s wind comes and goes From what direction no one knows Blowing on the coals of fire Born of the Spirit’s desire It’s the season Season of the Wind It’s the season Season of the Wind © 2004
DON'T LET THE FIRE DIE Terry M. Wildman I come to your altar, broken and ashamed With nothing to offer you, but heartache and shame So much that you’ve given me, I’ve squandered away My hands are so empty, all I can say…. is Don’t Let the Fire Die Don’t let my love grow cold Kindle the Passion, Lord Blow on the coals So much has been wasted, my heart is in chains Broken promises shattered dreams are all that remain Let the wind of your mercy blow, on these smoldering coals Give me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for my soul
SOUND OF YOUR VOICE Terry M. Wildman Psalm 29:3, Job 37:1-5 Your voice flows on the waters—and whispers in the wind It echoes through the canyons—“whom shall I send” Your voice shouts from the mountains—and thunders in the storm It cries out at injustice—for those whose lives are torn Your voice beckons me—to hear and obey Your voice is calling me to listen and to pray And to follow—the sound—of Your voice The sound of Your voice is calling me... Your voice in the beginning—created earth and sky You spoke and then it happened—“It is good” was Your reply Your voice captures the darkness—and pushes back the night Brings freedom to the captives—and releases them to fight Over the mountains—through the valleys Across the desert, I hear it now Yah Ha Weh Yah Hey Hey Yah Hey Yah—Yah Ha Weh Yah Hey I hear the sound of your voice
LOLMA TA LAU VA Terry M. Wildman It's a good day to sing to the Lord It's a good day to give thanks to His Name Lolma Ta Lau Va - Over all the earth Arise and shine our light has come The light of Jesus is shining, shining on us


RainSong's second CD. Recorded while living at Second Mesa on the Hopi Indian Reservation. This CD was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Contemporary Gospel Album at the 47th Annual Music Award in 2004.


released April 29, 2021

Terry Wildman-Acoustic, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, and Digital Drums. Darlene Wildman-Cedar Flute and Vocals, Handdrum, and various Native rattles. Jeff Maiden on Electric Guitar for Love Without End.


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RainSong Maricopa, Arizona

Terry and Darlene Wildman are the Grammy Nominated and Nammy Award Winning musical duo RainSong.

We write and record all our own songs and music. A blend of folk and rock with Native American instruments and melodies.

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